The Botanical Group, has the staffing capacity & confidence to facilitate landscaping projects up to AUD $1 million. Our prestigious construction team consists of Site Managers, Pavers, Carpenters, Irrigators, Horticulturists, general Landscape Labourers. Our construction projects range from complete installations to the smallest addition to your botanical home oasis.

Our services also extend to Architectural designs & drafting. 

All members of our team are fully qualified in their diversified skill ranges; making the standard of our projects, pristine, prestige and cared for the highest standard. Members of our team all hold current police checks. 

Our Construction team services in all aspects of Landscaping, inclusive of Turfing & Irrigation, Paving, Decking & Horticultural Installations.

The Botanical Group hold pride in combining the attributes of Professionalism, Quality workmanship, Punctuality, Personal Grooming and On-site Cleanliness, whilst always following stringent Operational Health & Safety guidelines.

The Botanical Groups’ Domestic team are fully qualified & insured.